Quickly Hire Launches Exciting Partner Program

Are you constantly encountering professionals overwhelmed with tasks, seeking extra hands to lighten their load? From the friend struggling with an overflowing inbox, in dire need of a Virtual Assistant, to the ambitious salesperson craving support to broaden their client base, the need for skilled assistance is universal.

Imagine an entrepreneur on the brink of a breakthrough, needing skilled developers to bring their vision to life, or a business aiming to amplify its online presence through top-notch content marketing and design.

If these scenarios strike a chord within your professional circle, then the Quickly Hire Partner Program is your call to action! Here’s your chance to extend a helping hand to your network while enhancing your own income through valuable referrals.

Welcome to a world of endless possibilities, where joining forces with Quickly Hire not only broadens your professional horizons but also offers your connections the expertise they need to soar. This program isn’t just another item in your portfolio; it’s your gateway to fostering lasting value and mutual growth.

Embrace the opportunity to make a significant impact today with Quickly Hire!

Benefits of the Quickly Hire Partner Program

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The Quickly Hire Partner Program is designed to turbocharge your business ecosystem, offering both commissioned referrals and strategic resources. Get ready to unlock a suite of advantages that will empower you to provide exceptional value to your clients and enhance your own brand.

Deliver value to clients and audiences

You can now enrich your service offerings through access to premium hiring solutions that outshine other popular freelance marketplaces. Collaborating with Quickly Hire not only enhances the value proposition for your clients but also cements your role as a pivotal voice in their ongoing success.

Say “goodbye” to tiresome email referrals

Streamline your referral process with our intuitive platform. You no longer need to manage referrals through lengthy email chains. Instead, enjoy an efficient, direct, and digitally trackable referral system that saves you time and effort.

Competitive commissions and scheduled payments

No more guessing when your commission will land in your bank account! As our partner, you access a straightforward and generous commission structure. Every referral you send our way becomes a reliable addition to your income. Of course, this allows you to plan ahead and easily grow your finances. We’re in this to support mutual growth. Let’s thrive together!

Handy resources to help you earn more

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Within the partnership portal is a treasure trove of fantastic marketing materials and sales tools. We aim to equip you with industry knowledge to guide your audience/clients to secure the highest fit customers in your network. These resources are specifically tailored to help you maximize your commissions and simplify the way you do business with us.

Dedicated support

We provide you with a partner manager to guide a seamless experience in our program. Our team has one goal: to make sure you have all you need to succeed and grow with your partnership efforts.

Who can join the partner program?

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Service providers

You’re an excellent fit if you’re providing services that complement the Quickly Hire ecosystem. Service providers such as SaaS companies, creative agencies, and other B2B companies offering peerless customer solutions are encouraged to join. If you are unsure whether you are the right fit, our team will be happy to advise you.

Trusted advisors

Your influence as a coach, consultant, or mentor plays a crucial role in guiding businesses toward informed decisions on talent acquisition. A credible reputation and a network of clients who rely on your insights are the perfect ingredients for success, and the Quickly Hire Partner Program enables you to add that extra layer of authority and trust. 


Whether you’re a publisher, blog owner, influencer, or another type of online content creator, Quickly Hire’s Partner Program for affiliates offers you a chance to monetize your influence with your audience. If your content relates to business growth, talent acquisition, or career development, Quickly Hire can provide you with competitive commissions and value-added content for your followers. Of course, we will review any affiliate application—if there is a connection, we will make it work!

Applying to the Quickly Hire Partner Program

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The Quickly Hire Partner Program is designed to help you seamlessly connect your clients and/or audience with highly skilled freelancers, including developers, copywriters, designers, and virtual assistants

Here’s how to apply to be the go-to authority on freelance and direct hire talent acquisition:

Steps to apply

  1. Navigate to our program page and click ‘Become a partner’
  2. Fill out the application form 
  3. Our team will be in touch within 48 hours!

The onboarding process

  • Review of application
    The QH team evaluates your application to ensure a fit for both parties.
  • Approval & agreement
    If your application aligns with program terms, you’ll receive approval and a partnership agreement to sign via the PartnerStack portal.
  • Welcoming you aboard
    Your personalized PartnerStack portal will be ready for you to view, complete with great resources and access to talented, vetted freelancers.
  • Upon enrollment, you’ll engage with a dedicated program manager. This ensures forthright communication and an understanding of goals and objectives and allows for strategic collaboration.

Introduction to PartnerStack

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Get ready to elevate your partnership experience with PartnerStack—the sought-after ecosystem that makes networking a walk in the park and provides you with a comprehensive set of tools—all under one roof. 

PartnerStack provides

Referral links & tracking: Your unique partnership journey begins with customized referral links provided by PartnerStack, coupled with precise tracking capabilities so every referral is followed through from the initial stages to payment.

Performance analytics: Analyze and refine your activities using subID parameters that empower you with detailed performance analytics. These insights assist in making data-driven decisions to enhance your partnership results.

Resource & training hub: Strengthen your partnership prowess with an extensive resource and training center. This reservoir of knowledge is designed to bolster your skills and provide guidance whenever you need it.

Direct communication: The ability to directly message within PartnerStack facilitates smooth and continuous communication, ensuring we can help you promptly resolve any inquiries or issues.

Payment arrangements

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Quickly Hire offers a seamless and secure payment system for earning and withdrawing your commissions. To access your earnings, multiple payout options are at your disposal, including Stripe, PayPal, or direct bank deposit. This flexibility ensures that you can select the most convenient method for your financial transactions.

Hassle-free compliance

The financial side of partnerships often intertwines with legal responsibilities, such as tax documentation. Rest assured, your tax documents will be conveniently obtainable through your chosen payout provider. 

Embrace the peace of mind offered by Quickly Hire’s Partner Program, where your financial rewards are managed precisely and punctually, ensuring your efforts are consistently and transparently rewarded.

What are the terms and conditions?

You can read through our program’s Ts & Cs here.

Mutual growth with the Quickly Hire Partner Program

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No one gets to the top alone. This makes finding the ideal hires essential. They enable a more comprehensive range of services and expand your clients’ services, creating a robust foundation for growth.

Better talent acquisition for startups, agencies, and small businesses

For startups, small businesses, micro-agencies, and solopreneurs, gaining access to specialized freelancers and direct hires can be game-changing. Partners can offer an established channel to Quickly Hire’s global talent network, thrusting your business into the limelight. Here are just a few benefits:

  • Become an authority on premium hiring options.
  • Gain repeat business through building relationships built on trust.
  • Access new clients through positive word-of-mouth.

Remember, you’re helping grow and scale your client’s business by uniting them with the necessary resources to make a big splash. A partnership could help you become a leading voice in your industry—a position that can prove even more valuable than immediate financial gains.

Do you have any inquiries or need guidance? Don’t hesitate to contact the partnership team at partners@quicklyhire.com.


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