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Boost your credibility

Quickly Hire stands out as the premier online platform for sourcing vetted freelancers and full-time talent. Unlike typical marketplaces, we guarantee matches that align with company goals. By endorsing our services in your content, you’ll bolster your reputation as a definitive authority on freelance talent acquisition.

Access to fresh, relevant content

As a Quickly Hire partner, you’ll constantly be informed of current market trends, freelance hiring tips, and success stories from within our network. All you need to do is weave these insights into your content for maximum impact!

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As an approved affiliate partner, you can connect with a diverse community of trusted advisors, service providers, and startups, fuelling collaboration and mutual growth opportunities.

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Get invitations to Quickly Hire’s exclusive events, webinars, and meetups where you can learn from inspirational leaders in the startup ecosystem.

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If you’re passionate about the content you create, we want to hear from you. Our partnership is your gateway to exciting growth and tangible rewards.

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For every successful referral, earn a $250 commission!

A unique talent solution for growth-orientated businesses

Our business model stands out from other freelance marketplaces. Instead of promoting a race to the bottom where candidates undercut each other, and hiring teams are inundated with resumes that aren’t up to scratch, we do things differently.

We thoroughly vet freelancers

Talent screening at Quickly Hire is not a checkpoint. It’s a rigorous screening process meant to find specialized talent for any startup or small business looking to scale.

We dedicated our resources to your business

Our team is adept at recognizing the skill gaps startups need to fill and the unique culture, ethos, and ambitions that drive growth.

We commit to bespoke talent-matching

Every business-freelancer pairing is meticulously crafted to ensure that skill requirements are met, personalities mesh, and visions align. This paves the way for collaborative success.

Your content, our expertise

Elevate your content creation by partnering with Quickly Hire. Ensure your audience has access to optimal hiring solutions, while you reap the rewards with every referral.

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