Getting started with a Quickly Hire Pro is easy!

Whether you need someone to start today or you’re just beginning your hiring journey, our process is quick and hassle-free.

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You ask.

The information we gather on the Hire a Freelancer form is what empowers us to match you with the perfect freelancer in our network.

You’ll let us know what position you’re looking to hire and the types of projects and tasks you’ll have them working on.

We’ll also ask you what specific skills you’re looking for in a Quickly Hire Pro.

We match.

We’ll match you with a vetted Pro that fits your needs and your business.

This usually involves jumping on a quick call together to get any further information that can help us make a successful match.

You hire.

You’ll be able to see your Pro match via your account in the Quickly Hire platform. If we happen to have a couple of great matches for you, you may see multiple suggestions.

You can take a look at their profiles and choose the best fit for you, knowing any suggestion has been hand-selected based on your needs.

Simply hit Schedule Kick-Off when you’re ready to make your decision! (Make sure not to wait too long — our Pros get booked quickly!)

We make the introductions.

When you hit Schedule Kick-Off, our team will reach out to schedule a kick-off call between you and your chosen freelancer. This kick-off call will be the start of your first shift with your Pro.

The kick-off call is used to make introductions and set expectations. And don’t worry, we’ll be there to make sure it’s a successful start to a long and productive relationship!

Hit the ground running!

Following the kick-off call, you will have your means of communication established with your pro and any other practical information they need to get to work. You can start assigning them tasks and projects from day 1!

You can expect regular updates from your Pro and rest assured they are available to you for the number of weekly hours you set.

Questions or concerns?

We’re here to help every step of the way.

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