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Quickly Hire is the fastest way to add highly-vetted freelancers or full-time talent to your team. As we grow, we’re looking for partners who share our vision for better hiring experiences. Join us to expand your business opportunities and add value to your clients.

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The benefits of our partnership ecosystem

Expanding horizons

Quickly Hire operates globally, empowering startups and agencies with top talent. Partner with us to expand your brand visibility and access our vast customer base and influential partner network.

Elevate client offerings, reap the rewards

Improve your services by referring your clients to our curated talent pool of contract and direct hire professionals. You also earn cash benefits from every successful referral.

Unwavering support, every step of the way

As a partner, you’re never alone. We provide marketing and sales materials for your success, and our team is ready to assist you. Your referred customers will receive top-notch support and service.

A community of best-in-class businesses

Feature your services in our Partnership Directory. Being part of our dynamic partner network boosts your visibility, gives you exposure to potential customers, and accelerates revenue growth.

A cutting-edge partner portal

Powered by PartnerStack, the Quickly Hire Partnership Portal is streamlined, intuitive, and designed with partners in mind.

Whether you’re amplifying brands as an affiliate, guiding businesses as a trusted advisor, or providing top-notch services, we equip you with the best resources, efficient tools, and a supportive team dedicated to your success.

Strong partnerships are at the heart of success:

  • Submit leads and generate referral links effortlessly.
  • Access bespoke marketing materials to supercharge your campaigns.
  • Gain insights with in-depth analytics to monitor your impact.
  • Receive timely, automated commission payouts, ensuring smooth transactions.

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Who should apply

Trusted Advisors

If you’re a consultant, coach, attorney, accountant or mentor in the startup or digital agency sectors, extend your service offerings by integrating Quickly Hire into your advisory solutions.

  • Broaden Your Services: Augment your consultative solutions by seamlessly integrating Quickly Hire’s talent solutions.
  • Strengthen Client Trust: Offer clients a reliable avenue to top talent, reinforcing your position as a holistic advisor.
  • Exclusive Advisory Perks: Get early access to Quickly Hire features and programs, ensuring you always stay a step ahead in the advisory domain.
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Bloggers, vloggers, and influencers can all earn commissions and provide additional value to audiences by promoting Quickly Hire’s unique talent-matching services.

  • Enhanced Audience Engagement: Position yourself as a resourceful influencer, introducing your audience to cutting-edge talent solutions.
  • Monetize Your Influence: Earn competitive commissions with each successful referral, scaling your income opportunities.
  • Access Exclusive Content: Gain access to unique content, resources, and insights from Quickly Hire, setting your content apart.
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Service Providers

Whether you’re an agency, SaaS company, technical service provider or offer other B2B services, partnering with Quickly Hire can add an extra layer of value to your customer experience.

  • Elevate Client Value: Incorporate Quickly Hire’s talent solutions, making your offerings even more comprehensive.
  • Streamlined Client Projects: Speed up client projects by connecting them to the right talent quickly and efficiently.
  • Collaborative Growth: Engage in joint promotions, campaigns, and initiatives with Quickly Hire, fostering mutual business growth.
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Frequently asked questions

Quickly Hire offers a unique blend of personalized matchmaking for talent needs combined with a high-touch approach. Our program emphasizes mutual growth, ensuring partners derive maximum value while enhancing their service offerings.

Partners can submit referrals via our intuitive PartnerStack portal. Once submitted, our team takes over, matching the referral with top-tier talent, ensuring a seamless experience for both the partner and their referral.

We vet freelancers and talent meticulously, matching them based on industry experience and skill sets. Our emphasis on quality over quantity ensures that every referral is paired with the best-suited professional.

There’s no minimum requirement or upfront commitment. We value synergy and mutual growth, so we welcome partnerships as long as our visions align.

Our reward structure is competitive, focusing on successful conversions from referrals. Partners earn for each successful match, with specifics detailed once you join the program.

Rewards are processed monthly. With our automated system through PartnerStack, partners can expect timely and consistent disbursements.

Through PartnerStack, partners can access real-time data on referrals, conversions, reward status, and more, ensuring they always have a pulse on their performance.

Our partners enjoy access to marketing materials, sales collateral, and dedicated support. Whether you have a question or need assistance, our team is always available to ensure your partnership journey is smooth.

We primarily cater to digital agencies and early-stage startups, but our talent pool is diverse and dynamic, capable of serving a wide range of sectors.

PartnerStack offers an intuitive interface for lead submission, tracking, and analytics. Its robust features give our partners real-time insights into their referrals and rewards.

Yes, new partners receive comprehensive onboarding, ensuring they know our processes, tools, and best practices. We want our partners to hit the ground running!

We encourage collaboration within our vibrant business network. Partners often find synergies and collaborative opportunities that benefit both parties.

Absolutely! We value feedback and see our partners as essential contributors to our continuous improvement.

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Unlock the full potential of the Quickly Hire partner ecosystem. Enhance your audience’s hiring strategies, amplify your brand’s value and fuel mutual growth.

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