Top 10 Websites to Find the Best Freelance Graphic Designers

Having exceptional graphic design is crucial for businesses to stand out and engage their audience. Whether you’re a startup looking to establish your brand or a large company aiming to refresh your visual identity, hiring freelance graphic designers offers flexibility and access to specialized skills without the long-term commitment of full-time hires.

Outsourcing allows you to tap into a global talent pool, ensuring you find the perfect match for your specific needs. Here are the top 10 websites to find the best freelance graphic designers, each offering unique features to cater to different business requirements.

1. Quickly Hire: custom-matched graphic design expertise

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How it works

Quickly Hire connects businesses with pre-vetted freelance graphic designers ready to deliver outstanding work. Clients provide project details, and Quickly Hire matches them with top designers who meet their specific requirements. The platform handles all administrative tasks, including compliance and payroll, so businesses can focus on their projects.

What makes it different

Quickly Hire stands out for its focus on quality and speed, making it an ideal choice for startups and growing businesses. The platform ensures that designers are not only technically skilled but also a good fit for the client’s brand and culture. This approach fosters better collaboration and project success. Quickly Hire’s rigorous vetting process includes comprehensive portfolio reviews and skill assessments, ensuring that only the best designers are available. Additionally, the platform manages compliance and payroll, reducing the administrative burden on clients.

2. Upwork: a broad freelance marketplace

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How it works

On Upwork, businesses post their graphic design project details and receive bids from freelancers worldwide. Employers can review freelancers’ profiles, portfolios, and client feedback to select the best candidate for their project needs. Upwork’s platform facilitates direct communication between clients and freelancers, allowing for detailed discussions and negotiations before hiring.

What makes it different

Upwork’s strength lies in its vast user base, providing access to a wide selection of freelancers for almost any graphic design task. This makes Upwork an ideal platform for businesses looking for flexibility and a broad range of skills. The platform’s robust project management tools help streamline workflow from hiring to project completion, ensuring efficient communication and project tracking.

3. Toptal: elite graphic design freelancers

How it works

Toptal focuses on providing its clients with a network of top-tier freelancers. By requiring freelancers to pass a rigorous screening process, Toptal ensures that only the top 3% of talent is available to clients. This process includes extensive skill assessments, technical interviews, and test projects to evaluate each candidate’s abilities.

What Makes It Different

Toptal is known for its high-quality standards and elite talent pool. It is best suited for businesses that need top-level graphic design experts who can handle complex projects and provide innovative solutions. Toptal’s freelancers are highly experienced and have a proven track record of success in their respective fields.

4. versatile project-based hiring logo

How it works allows businesses to post projects and receive competitive bids from freelancers globally. Clients can review freelancer profiles, portfolios, and client feedback to select the best candidate. The platform offers tools for tracking project progress and facilitates secure payments, ensuring that both parties are protected throughout the project.

What makes it different offers a wide range of graphic design freelancers, making it a versatile choice for businesses with diverse needs. The platform’s competitive bidding system helps clients find cost-effective solutions for their projects. Additionally, provides various project management tools to help clients monitor progress and communicate with freelancers.

5. Fiverr: quick and affordable IT solutions

How it Works

Fiverr allows businesses to browse and purchase predefined services, or “gigs,” offered by freelancers. Clients can search for graphic designers based on their specific needs, review profiles, and purchase services directly. Fiverr’s platform facilitates secure payments and provides tools for communication and project tracking.

What makes it different

Fiverr is known for its quick and affordable solutions, making it an ideal choice for businesses with smaller budgets or those needing rapid project turnaround. The platform offers a wide range of graphic design services, from simple tasks to complex projects, allowing clients to find the right freelancer for their needs.

6. 99designs: design contests and one-on-one projects

99designs logo

How it works

99designs allows businesses to either start a design contest or hire a freelancer directly. In a contest, multiple designers submit their concepts, and the client selects the best one. For one-on-one projects, clients can browse designer portfolios and hire directly.

What makes It different

99designs is unique in offering design contests, which provide a variety of creative concepts to choose from. This is ideal for businesses looking for diverse ideas and innovative designs. The platform also allows for direct hiring, offering flexibility in how businesses approach their design needs.

7. DesignCrowd: crowdsourced design solutions

designcrowd logo

How it works

DesignCrowd enables businesses to post design projects and receive submissions from freelancers worldwide. Clients can review multiple design concepts and select the one that best fits their vision. The platform also offers project management tools for seamless collaboration.

What makes it different

DesignCrowd’s crowdsourcing model ensures that businesses receive a wide range of design options from different perspectives. This approach is beneficial for companies looking for fresh, creative ideas and a variety of design styles.

8. PeoplePerHour: flexible hiring for graphic designers

peopleperhour logo

How it works

PeoplePerHour allows businesses to post projects and receive proposals from freelancers. Clients can also browse freelancer profiles and portfolios to find the right match for their needs. The platform facilitates secure payments and project management.

What makes it different

PeoplePerHour stands out for its flexibility. It offers both project-based and hourly hiring options, suitable for businesses with varying needs and budgets. The platform also emphasizes transparency, providing detailed freelancer ratings and reviews.

9. Guru: comprehensive freelancer platform

guru logo

How it works

Guru enables businesses to post projects and hire freelancers from a global talent pool. Clients can review freelancer profiles, portfolios, and feedback to select the best candidate. The platform offers project management tools and secure payment options.

What makes it different

Guru’s comprehensive approach to freelancing includes detailed freelancer profiles, work samples, and client feedback, making it easy for businesses to find the right designer. The platform also offers a WorkRoom feature for managing projects and communicating with freelancers.

10. Dribbble: showcase and hire top designers

dribbble logo

How it works

Dribbble allows businesses to browse portfolios of top graphic designers and hire them directly. Clients can search for designers based on their specific needs and contact them for project inquiries. Dribble also offers job posting options for businesses looking to attract freelance talent.

What makes it different

Dribbble is well-known as a platform for showcasing creative work, making it an excellent place to find top-tier graphic designers. The platform’s focus on visual portfolios allows businesses to see the designer’s style and quality of work before hiring.

Outsource vetted graphic design freelancers from Quickly Hire

Outsourcing graphic design tasks to freelancers provides businesses with the flexibility and specialized skills needed to create compelling visual content. Platforms like Quickly Hire, Upwork, Toptal,, and Fiverr offer diverse talent pools and unique features to meet various business needs. By leveraging these platforms, companies can access top-tier graphic design professionals without the overhead of full-time staff, ensuring they can adapt to changing demands and drive successful projects. To find the best freelance graphic designers tailored to your specific needs, schedule a call with Quickly Hire and start your journey towards exceptional design today.


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