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How a Quickly Hire Designer became a valued member of the team at MPRESSED
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With the help of a Quickly Hire Pro Designer, Richard Taubin was able to focus on growth and put his mind at ease knowing he wouldn’t have to worry about hiring again.

Working with a Quickly Hire freelance designer put our minds at ease. Since they focus on long-term placements, we knew we wouldn’t need to worry about re-hiring after each finished project.

Richard Taubin

Meet Richard

With over 20 years of experience working with software, photography, artwork, graphic design, digital marketing, and web development, Richard started his own agency, MPRESSED, seven years ago with an express mission to advertise through giving. Since then, his team has developed an impressive client list, from restaurants to non-profit organizations and colleges.

“If you’re a company with strong core beliefs that guide your work, Quickly Hire takes time to find a candidate that embodies your values and fits your unique criteria.”

Why Quickly Hire?

The portfolio evaluation and onboarding process for new designers can be arduous and time-consuming. As MPRESSED had no interest in hiring a candidate that would be out the door as soon as the first project was complete, they searched high and low for a company to help them fill a specific brief. Upon discovering Quickly Hire, Richard realized that we would take care of the whole process, which was an enormous weight off his mind.

Immediate help for unexpected growth

While growth is fantastic, it also brings about an entirely new set of headaches related to the timely completion of work and wanting to wow new clients from the outset. Needing a full-qualified full-time designer yesterday is a challenging feat. With Quickly Hire, MPRESSED had all their requirements filled and a designer onboarded in less than a week.

Access to a broader talent pool

Richard worried about finding a local designer in his small city based in Louisiana that could take on specific tasks. Quickly Hire’s access to designers from all over the world, with varied specializations, increased their chances of finding someone immediately. Now, MPRESSED has the talented Calendaria, who hails from Spain!

No vetting or payment headaches

Quickly Hire has a thorough vetting process that asks all designers to present their portfolios and perform aptitude tests that match their skills to possible projects. In addition, all payment processes are managed by us, so our clients don’t have to navigate the minefield of international transfers should they join forces with an overseas freelancer.

“Quickly Hire expertly handles all the interviewing, vetting, paperwork, and payments. We’d never have thought to search in Spain for a graphic designer! We couldn’t be happier to have Calendaria on our team.”

Richard’s Struggle


With unexpected and sudden growth, MPRESSED realized they desperately needed another designer to lighten the load on their existing team. As their rapport with their clients is second-to-none, a longer-term option was required to ensure continuity.

The whole story:

MPRESSED has a core value of hiring intelligent, good-natured people with an eye on nurturing their talents and growing their skills over time. With a designer needed ASAP, hiring a freelancer was an option worth pursuing.

Richard’s experience with freelancer marketplaces is that they focus primarily on placing quick hires for short-term projects. Wanting a designer with whom the MPRESSED team could form a genuine relationship seemed like a tricky prospect until they came across Quickly Hire’s dedicated designer service. Now they have the best of both worlds. 

“Unlike Quickly Hire, most freelance companies we contacted were too focused on quick-fix, single-project placements—that’s just not us. We needed someone more committed than that.”

Quickly Hire’s Solution


Our team immediately assigned our talented senior account manager, to discuss everything Richard and his team needed. Listening intently to their concerns regarding short-term vs. long-term hires, our account manager began shortlisting candidates who could commit to MPRESSED indefinitely.

The whole story:

Our team at Quickly Hire leaves no stone unturned when it comes to understanding our client’s needs, and this case was no different. Understanding the values and goals most important to MPRESSED gave us all the information we needed to select the right designer that could slot straight in with minimal fuss.

We also allayed their fears regarding onboarding and payment processes. Knowing they don’t have to concern themselves with international money transfers or any other financial headaches, Richard was able to focus solely on preparing briefs for Calendaria. Of course, we regularly check in with MPRESSED to ensure everything is running smoothly.

“Our experience with Quickly Hire has been fantastic. We recommend contacting them if you need a freelancer who will invest in what you do and stick around for the long haul.”


MPRESSED needed a new designer who could handle their varied workload and move seamlessly from project to project. As a relationship-oriented, socially conscious agency, taking on a designer for a short-term stint just wasn’t going to suit them. Our team at Quickly Hire used our industry insight and time-honored practice of getting to know our clients to find a fabulous designer to help them reach their goals.

“If you’re searching endlessly for the best talent—not just locally, Quickly Hire works tirelessly to help you expand your reach to freelancers outside your usual scope.”

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