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How hiring a Quickly Hire Developer gave an agency owner some well-earned free time.
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Discover how Wendell Harness was able to take on more work and add more value to his services with the help of a Quickly Hire Pro Developer.

When you’re a small team or a one-person outfit like mine, you end up doing literally everything. Before hiring Ivan, I had no time off. And if I did, it was a working vacation.

Wendell Harness
Harness Media

Meet Wendell

With almost 20 years of providing clients with stellar website design, development, and ongoing website management services, Wendell knows the industry’s ups and downs like few others. Starting Harness Media during a period of economic uncertainty, he took on every job imaginable. Fortunately, he managed to stay afloat and grow his client list to a point where finding time to spend on himself and his family was challenging.

“Hard work helped me navigate through tough times. From the outset, I decided I would be available if my clients had a problem. Even if I were standing on the top of Mount Everest, I would take the call.”

Why Quickly Hire?

Like many small business owners, Wendell reached the point where he had more clients than he could handle alone. Never enough hours in a day to get everything done, he had heard through various online forums that Quickly Hire had an impressive track record of placing freelancers with growth-oriented companies.

Although Wendell could automate much of his clients’ website development and maintenance with great success, the workload was still too much to handle alone. Ultimately, prioritizing his well-being was the catalyst for reaching out to the Quickly Hire team.

Quickly Hire freelancers give you time to do the things you love

Wendell has put his heart and soul into his business for many years. Realizing it was time to call time out and give himself a breather, he enlisted the help of a Quickly Hire developer to take care of some legacy clients who were due a site makeover. Now, Wendell has more free time to spend with his loved ones.

Quickly Hire Freelancers are fast starters

Wendell was delighted with how rapidly his Quickly Hire developer got up to speed with his systems and management style. After a brief onboarding, he has already seen a huge difference in the quantity of work completed. In just two months, five ancient websites have been converted to flashy new ones—and those clients couldn’t be happier.

Real people that are invested in your success

Wendell has diligently worked as a one-person operation for many years, so bringing in another developer was a big deal. However, he and Ivan have hit it off right from the outset, with Ivan able to tackle any task and even volunteer ideas. Encouraged by his developer’s initiative, Wendell looks forward to seeing what they can achieve together.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever had to hire anyone to help me, and from the get-go, he fully understood the mission. There are never any complaints. I’m really enjoying having him.”

Wendell’s Struggle


The grit and determination to succeed meant that Wendell had legacy clients dating back to when he first started the company. However, it has also meant that he hasn’t been able to take a proper holiday or even switch off his phone.

The whole story:

Before reaching out to Quickly Hire, Wendell had to take his laptop everywhere. Much to the chagrin of friends and family, even Christmas vacations would be occasionally punctuated by the need to solve a solution for one of his website clients.

With the work piling up and a few legacy clients requiring major website upgrades, something had to change. A self-described perfectionist with an eye good enough to spot a solitary rogue pixel, he knew in order to keep his lofty standards, getting someone in to help out was a foregone conclusion.

“I kept it as a one-person operation for many, many years. But, at some point, you must take your foot off the pedal, get some help, and have some time off.”

Quickly Hire’s Solution


After reaching out to the team at Quickly Hire, we assigned an account manager so we could understand the type of talent Harness Media needed and who might be the best developer for the job. With so many upgrades on Wendell’s books, we settled on Ivan, a developer specializing in giving old sites a new makeover.

The whole story:

Wendell has a great relationship with his clients. Many have been using Harness Media for over ten years to manage and update their sites. To thank them for their loyalty, Wendell felt it was time to help them convert from their dated website to something more modern.

With a Quickly Hire developer on the case, this is happening at an even faster rate than he thought was possible. Even though Ivan is only on a 10-hour-a-week engagement, his output has been a cause for celebration. Harness Media’s clients have flashy new sites, and, more importantly, Wendell has recently enjoyed a Christmas vacation without his laptop.

Harness media has also recently taken on a few extra clients, justifying Wendell’s decision to reach out to Quickly Hire for an extra set of hands.

“In my case, getting a Quickly Hire developer onboard has been a huge success. There are many single-person entities out there struggling, trying to do everything. It’s great to know there is help out there.”


With many clients requiring updated websites, new clients asking for assistance, and no holidays in sight, Wendell Harness from Harness Media, was in a challenging situation: work endlessly or get help so his business could continue to thrive.

Pleasingly, he chose the latter and reached out to Quickly Hire to use a freelance developer. Nowadays, jobs are getting ticked off the list at a rate of knots, and Wendell can take some well-deserved time off.

“I see real potential for growth for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and one-person operations like mine by using a Quickly Hire freelancer. I, for one, am delighted.”

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