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How a Quickly Hire developer helped a New Zealand-based agency owner tackle time-consuming tasks.
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With the help of a Quickly Hire Pro Developer, Meg Appleby has been able to shift her focus to marketing and growth — not low-value development tasks.

Because of Quickly Hire, I can finally spend more time performing marketing tasks, building better relationships with clients, and adding more value to my company.

Meg Appleby
Bloom Online

Meet Meg

Meg is the founder and Chief Website-everything-person for Bloom Online. A New Zealand-based web development agency, the company focuses on helping small and medium businesses manage their website needs, so they’re free to support their communities and enjoy time with loved ones.

“I serve my clients best when I can pay them as much attention as possible. It is important to me to get to know them so I can make their businesses better. That is what Bloom stands for.”

Why Quickly Hire?

Meg describes her past attempts to hire freelance developers as “expensive mistakes.” Because of those past experiences, she wasn’t confident in finding the right person without some staffing industry expertise. Quickly Hire was recommended by a friend as a trusted service to help her find the right person.

Quickly Hire is a trusted brand with a sterling reputation

Agency owners like Meg recognize Quickly Hire as the hassle-free service that provides top-quality freelancers who know their industry at a reasonable price point. Moreover, Quickly Hire takes care of the entire vetting process, so businesses don’t have to worry about forking out thousands for a sub-standard job.

Quickly Hire allows you to focus on real growth!

Bloom was tied up with a million different administrative tasks and other jobs that ate away at Meg’s time. Any agency owner can attest that paying attention to your business’ exposure can be a tall order when the tedious tasks get in the way. Quickly Hire Freelancers execute the tasks you wanted to do yesterday.

Quickly Hire Pros actually care — seriously!

Meg had attempted to work with other freelance developers but realized that her clients were never their priority. Quickly Hire doesn’t just vet candidates for their ability to do a job well. One of the highest priorities is finding individuals who are personable, courteous, and can communicate clearly with anyone involved in a project. Pleasingly, Meg now feels she can serve clients better as she has someone who is genuinely invested in her success and the success of her end clients.

“Since Quickly Hire checks out all their freelancers beforehand, I didn’t have to worry about making sure I was asking the right technical questions in order to get the skills I needed.”

Meg’s Struggle


Like many solo business owners, Meg was trying to do everything herself. It was taking everything she had, every single day, just to maintain her sizeable portfolio.

The whole story:

Meg found it incredibly frustrating to find the time she needed to work on the tasks that would help her business grow and make it more sustainable. Every time she happened upon a spare five minutes, another client request would roll into her inbox, delaying her efforts even further.

Despite trying a few local and online freelance developers, none seemed to show the kind of care and attentiveness required. It was apparent her clients just weren’t their priority. Desperate to find an extra set of hands that could perform exemplary work and gain the trust and acceptance of her end clients, Meg gave the team at Quickly Hire a call.

“Like many solo business owners, support requests regularly disrupt my days, making project management difficult. The critical tasks that would grow my business and make it more sustainable were worryingly getting pushed to the side.”

Quickly Hire’s Solution


Bloom’s situation is not unique, but it is essential to get it right. Understanding her specific needs and the tools and technologies she was using, our Quickly Hire account manager combed our database and deployed one of our ace pro developers, William, to get on the case.

The whole story:

Bringing on Quickly Hire Pro Developer William has been a godsend for Bloom. Since joining the team, he has helped Meg with WordPress maintenance, support and troubleshooting, custom plugin development, custom WooCommerce development, complete website builds, and even helping to research extra options to offer clients.

Meg’s sigh of relief was palpable! Now she can spend time creating a marketing strategy, having more client-facing interactions, and adding value to Bloom without sweating the small stuff. Meg tells us that since taking on her QuicklyHire developer, she has been able to spend more time with the family and take weekends off. Her enthusiasm for growing her business is now the overriding emotion, and her focus is stronger than ever.

“Putting me in touch with William has been a masterstroke. Because of Quickly Hire, I can take on more quality work that is growing Bloom’s reputation.”


The founder of Bloom, Meg Appleby, was at the limit of what she could accomplish alone, and help was desperately required. Having been burnt by one-and-done freelancers, she needed a long-term option with the people skills and stickability to aid her end clients.

By carefully listening to Meg’s specific needs, the team at Quickly Hire had all the information to place the perfect candidate for her situation. Getting a developer from Quickly Hire has been the shot in the arm her business needed. With more quality work rolling in and tasks getting ticked off studiously and effectively, Bloom is set to flourish in 2023 and beyond!

“Having William on board has helped my business generate more revenue and become more profitable. It has also helped me serve my customers better while having more time to pay attention to growth-related tasks.”

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