Quickly Hire Climbs the Game-Changer Ranks on Clutch

When it comes to business, your employees are your best assets. 

Finding, nurturing, and empowering your employees is more important than any tool or hi-tech solution. Without a dedicated and motivated team, sustainable growth becomes impossible. 

For many startups and small businesses, the most significant challenge when managing your workforce is ensuring you have adequate resource allocation during both feast and famine cycles of work. 

Finding, vetting, matching

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However, hiring new employees and laying off dormant ones can get expensive fast. Sometimes, the traditional hiring strategy of acquiring full-time employees just isn’t the right play.

Here at Quickly Hire, we’re committed to helping businesses find, vet, and match with the best freelancers for short and long-term contracts. We’ve only been in business for a year, but we have placed hundreds of talented pros with startups and small businesses looking to grow and scale during that time. 

Whether you need developers, web designers, copywriters or virtual assistants, we’re the go-to team for any growing business needing specialized, niche skills. We might be the new kids on the block, but it’s humbling to know that we’re already starting to make waves in the industry.

Client-facing freelance services

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Quickly Hire is continuing to climb the ranks of industry online review platforms like Clutch.  We put our meteoric rise down to the fact that our clients are with us every step of the way. Our job is to ensure they get to where they want to go faster. Their testimonials are a sign that we are achieving our goal. 

However, we aren’t getting ahead of ourselves. We will continue to innovate and review our processes for customer satisfaction. 

We are proud to work with such a diversely talented group of people dedicated to their craft, so we’re looking forward to the future!

What our clients say

“We could take on more projects, double our revenue and increase our profit with Quickly Hire. We improved our client response times and were able to work on more complex projects.” — Project Manager, Bloom Online.

“Quickly Hire introduced me to several qualified freelancers, and I was able to choose one and start working in a matter of days. My freelancer was easy to work with, followed my instructions, and communicated exceptionally well. The resulting work was high-quality and perfectly fit the budget I had allocated.” — Founder Jami Leclerc

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Are you looking for an outsourcing marketplace with a global network of over 100 talented freelancers that will help you grow exponentially? Quickly Hire is just a message away! Connect with us, and let’s discuss your next project.


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