How to Double Your Agency Revenue in 2024

What if I told you there was a secret way to double your agency’s revenue and that it was the same secret that other seven-figure agencies have done – would you do it?

Of course, you would, but here’s the thing: the secret to doubling your revenue is that it’s not a secret at all. You have already heard of these strategies. They aren’t revolutionary, and I certainly didn’t invent them. 

But sometimes it just takes hearing them for the second, fifth, 10th, or 17th time before the message “sticks” – and that’s why I’m writing this for you today.

These are the same strategies that I discuss with my clients, and by implementing these strategies, you can increase your bottom line and enhance your market position and client satisfaction. 

Let’s dive in!

Hyper-define your area of expertise.

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Time and time again, I tell people that you need to figure out what you’re good at and who you’re serving. You’re not a good fit for everyone. Consider what service you excel at and which clients you can serve best.

You become the go-to expert in your field by narrowing down your focus. Clients love working with specialists who understand their unique needs inside and out. Specializing allows you to stand out in a crowded market and command higher fees.

I know you’ve heard this before, but your offering is probably still too broad. When you take the time to get specific, your sales copy writes itself. Your confidence can shine through because you know how to help your clients. After all, you know what they care about.

Look at some of the most successful agencies—they’ve all found their niche and capitalized on it. Whether offering top-notch SEO services for e-commerce businesses or killer branding for manufacturing companies, finding your area of expertise can set you on the path to doubling your revenue. So, take some time to reflect on what you do best and who you love working with. Trust me, it’s the most critical decision you can make. Everything else hinges on this decision.

Tie your services to tangible ROI

The most successful agencies land more clients because they specialize, and then they can clearly articulate the tangible return on investment (ROI) for their offerings. 

Clients are primarily interested in how your services will bolster their bottom line. Full stop. It is imperative to illustrate the direct correlation between your services and the financial gains they can expect. 

You need to articulate how their world changes for the better when they choose you. Whether it’s enhancing conversion rates, bolstering lead generation efforts, amplifying search traffic, or decreasing significant expenses, tying your services to these tangible outcomes showcases their monetary value.

However, crafting a compelling narrative around ROI involves more than just presenting numbers. It requires effectively conveying the transformative impact your services can have on a client’s business. You can do this in a few ways, but one of the best is to utilize case studies, testimonials, and real-world examples to demonstrate past successes and highlight the potential benefits clients can expect.

While at it, do yourself a favor and avoid industry jargon and overly technical language. Instead, provide straightforward explanations. This builds trust, and they will appreciate how you’re demystifying the process by articulating the direct link between your services and financial outcomes. Your goal is to empower clients to make informed decisions and confidently invest in your agency. It’s possible they aren’t a good fit, and being direct can help you both make that decision.

Ultimately, by showcasing the measurable impact of your services and articulating their value in clear, compelling terms, you position your agency to land more clients. Especially when you combine this with the first point of being hyper-focused on who you are best able to serve. 

Offer an entry-level service.

Clipboard that has monthly recurring revenue on it

Have you ever gone into a sales call excited about the prospect of a new client, only to find out they can’t afford your services?

With an entry-level offering, you can meet this rejection with enthusiasm.

An entry-level service tailored to budget-conscious clients. This approach offers a low-effort, high-reward solution that expands your client base and sets the stage for potential upsells down the line. 

By introducing these entry-level services, you establish a reliable stream of recurring revenue, providing financial stability to your agency amidst fluctuating client demands. While these smaller-scale offerings may seem modest individually, collectively, they contribute significantly to your overall revenue and client retention efforts. 

Some examples of such services include: 

  • Website audits (speed, accessibility, CTA optimization, etc.)
  • Social media content calendars & posting
  • Content creation and posting
  • Monthly consultation packages

The beauty of these entry-level offerings lies in their scalability, allowing you to adapt and expand them to meet the evolving needs of your clients while nurturing long-term relationships and paving the way for future growth opportunities.

If possible, try to position it as a monthly, recurring service. This allows you to continually over-deliver, building trust for when they are ready for that more extensive project.

Implement backend catch strategies.

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A few of my clients have seven-figure agencies, and they credit a big part of their steady growth to implementing backend catch strategies designed to maximize client value and create long-term relationships. 

Offering maintenance plans is the perfect way to do this. Creating several that align with your client’s goals ensures ongoing support and optimization, positioning your agency as a trusted partner invested in their success. 

But you can do more than just “maintenance”. Remember: tie it back to ROI. 

For instance, you can offer specialized backend services, such as targeted content creation tailored to their niche, to add substantial value and differentiate your agency from competitors. Make a point to emphasize the tangible benefits these services provide, such as improved search visibility, enhanced user engagement, and, ultimately, increased ROI. 

The worst thing you can do is to let a client pay you once and then leave. Put your sales hat on and show them how you can keep helping them to make (or save) money. You bolster revenue streams in this way and deepen client relationships, driving sustained growth and profitability.

Fortune favours action

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Doubling your agency revenue requires strategic planning and implementation. None of what I discussed is new in any sense of the word, yet people still ignore these proven strategies. Like I said initially, you’ve heard this all before.

By specializing in a niche, tying services to tangible ROI, offering entry-level services, and implementing backend catch strategies, you can unlock new avenues for growth and profitability. 

Start small and build from there. Just one can significantly improve your bottom line.

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