The 6 Best Global Payroll Providers For Startups in 2024

Author: Alex McInnes
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As a startup founder, the dream of scaling your business internationally is both exciting and daunting. Growth offers the opportunity to tap into global talent pools but also introduces complex challenges, especially in payroll. Imagine your startup is on the brink of global expansion, poised to hire the best talent worldwide.

However, this expansion brings with it a maze of compliance issues. Paying employees or contractors across different countries is a more complex task. Each nation has its own intricate web of labor and tax laws, transforming a seemingly simple payroll process into a strategic operation that requires careful planning and execution.

A dedicated global payroll provider ensures you can hire the talent you need, wherever they are, without getting bogged down in the complexities of international payroll.

Having a reliable global payroll provider can significantly mitigate these risks. When the stakes are high, we know the last thing you want is to jeopardize your relationship with dedicated workers by paying them late or being unable to expand due to payroll constraints. A dedicated global payroll provider ensures you can hire the talent you need, wherever they are, without getting bogged down in the complexities of international payroll. This streamlines your operations and positions your startup for seamless global growth.

The rise of remote work and the use of asynchronous teams for maximum productivity have increased the number of global payroll providers. This abundance of choice is advantageous, yet it’s crucial to discern the differences between these providers. Many claim to offer comprehensive solutions, but some act merely as intermediaries. They depend on third-party vendors to process payroll information manually, which can introduce delays and errors.

In contrast, a genuinely native payroll platform stands out for its efficiency. It allows you to pay your global workforce in their local currency, seamlessly navigating the diverse labor and tax laws of each country. This level of automation and integration ensures that your payroll process is streamlined and error-free, enabling you to focus on the growth and success of your startup. If you’re scaling your global workforce or seeking a better global payroll solution, we think there are several critical factors to consider when choosing a payroll services provider. Essential aspects include the provider’s capability to manage contractor invoices, its offering of employee benefits, and its ability to provide employer-of-record services for localizing employment contracts without establishing a legal entity. 

Here are some leading global payroll providers we selected to take into account for your business requirements.

01. Deel

Deel is a global payroll platform that simplifies paying your international team. We love that it’s designed to handle multiple currencies and comply with various country-specific laws, all in one place. This means you can easily automate payroll, integrate it with your existing systems, and even manage bonuses and equity options.

With Deel, you don’t need a finance expert in every country you operate in. It takes care of compliance and calculations for you. Plus, it offers detailed reporting to help you make informed decisions. The pricing is based on the number of employees or contractors you have, and a one-time setup fee is waived if you sign a two-year contract.

Deel also supports a wide range of payment methods for both clients and contractors, including bank transfers, SWIFT, and even cryptocurrency. This flexibility makes it easier for you to pay your team no matter where they are.

Additionally, Deel offers Employer of Record (EOR) services in over 150 countries, which means you can hire anyone, anywhere, without worrying about compliance issues. 

Lastly, Deel HR is a free platform that combines EOR, payroll, contractor solutions, and other services like equipment registration and background checks. With integrations on multiple apps, we strongly recommend you replace the myriad of HR tools you might be using.

Deel’s G2 ScoreDeel’s Capterra Score
Pros Cons
Smooth onboarding processIt can get pricey depending on needs
Simplifies contract detailsLimited integration with other applications
Fast, accurate paymentsNot enough deposit options
Excellent customer support
Sleek design
Easy-to-use platform

02. Remofirst

Remofirst offers a unique approach to global workforce management, distinguishing itself as more than a payroll provider. It integrates payroll processing with a suite of services designed to streamline the complexities of international employment.

The platform covers payroll, HR support, compliance management, and onboarding assistance. This integration means businesses can manage their global teams through a single interface, significantly saving time and reducing error rates.

A key feature of Remofirst is its Employer of Record services, enabling companies to hire employees in over 150 countries without establishing local entities. This accelerates the hiring process and ensures compliance with local employment laws.

Remofirst’s pricing is competitive, starting at $25 for contractors and $199 per employee per month. It is an appealing choice for startups and small to medium-sized businesses looking to manage their international payroll and HR needs cost-effectively.

Remofirst is a versatile and economical solution for companies aiming to simplify their global workforce management. With its wide range of services and user-friendly platform, we like that Remofirst provides the tools for efficient payroll, HR, and compliance management for international teams.

Remofirst’s G2 ScoreRemofirst’s  Capterra Score
Pros Cons
Easy-to-use platformConfusing employee orientation
Competitive pricingOccasional bugs and glitches
Responsive teamThe exact payment date changes regularly
Transparency of communications

03. Oyster

Oyster stands out in the global payroll and HR space, particularly for businesses expanding internationally. Its platform automates hiring, creates compliant employment agreements, and effortlessly sets up payroll and benefits. Supporting payroll in over 120 currencies, Oyster ensures timely and preferred currency payments to team members.

A key feature of Oyster is its ability to switch contractors to full-time employees, mitigating global worker misclassification risks. It also offers competitive local and global benefits packages. Designed with user experience in mind, our team loves that it boasts a clean interface for easy management of employee data and benefits.

Oyster ensures compliance in 180+ countries with a robust legal framework and deep local intelligence. Its API allows for further customization and integration, catering to specific business needs. However, Oyster requires advance payments for global payroll, which could be a drawback for some businesses. It’s also pricier for companies with employees rather than just contractors​.

Oyster’s G2 ScoreOyster’s Capterra Score
Pros Cons
Great support teamCostly with large headcounts
User-friendly interfaceLimited Customization
Clear invoicingTight deadlines for employment contracts
On-time payments
Client-centered ethos

04. Remote

Remote is an all-encompassing payroll platform designed for startups expanding globally. It streamlines the management of international teams, covering payroll, benefits, taxes, stock options, and compliance across over 180 countries. Startups can craft customized benefits packages to cater to employees’ needs in their respective locations, ensuring compliance and competitiveness

The platform stands out with its straightforward interface, allowing startups to manage HR processes effortlessly. Remote’s “Man-in-the-Middle” strategy ensures transparency and smooth communication between employers and employees, eliminating hidden costs. Employees are paid their negotiated gross salary, adhering to local tax regulations​​​​.

Remote’s flat-rate pricing model is fantastic for many of the startup clients we have, providing cost predictability and enabling them to concentrate on growth. The platform’s dedicated compliance experts and robust security measures offer reassurance as startups begin their global employment journey.​

Remote’s G2 ScoreRemote’s Capterra Score
Pros Cons
User-friendlyTax document explanations
Easy onboardingForeign employee guidance
Quick customer supportMore search filters
TransparentEnhanced communication tools
On-time payments
Friendly customer service

05. Rippling

Rippling presents a unified platform that consolidates over a dozen intuitive HR tools. It seamlessly synchronizes employee data—such as hours worked, time off, benefits, and deductions—with payroll, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This efficiency enables founders to execute payroll for employees and contractors in various tax jurisdictions and currencies with a single click.

The platform offers an integrated solution for managing a global workforce, covering everything from onboarding and benefits administration to people analytics, all within a unified interface. The platform’s mobile app further enhances accessibility, allowing employees to manage time off requests and time tracking effortlessly.

However, startup founders should be aware of Rippling’s limitations. The platform’s fixed-term contract may restrict flexibility for rapidly evolving startups, and additional features often come as paid add-ons. Support is provided through a web forum, which may not meet the needs of busy entrepreneurs. While Rippling is convenient for small teams, founders of growing startups might consider a more comprehensive payroll service for more personalized support and adaptability.

Rippling’s G2 ScoreRippling’s Capterra Score
Pros Cons
Unified PlatformLimited Flexibility
Global PayrollSupport through email is sub-par
Comprehensive Workforce ManagementComplex for teams looking to grow
System Integration
Great mobile App

06. Papaya Global

Trying to handle global payroll yourself can be tricky and not advisable for the uninitiated. Each country has its own set of complex labor laws and tax regulations. It’s a full-time job just keeping up with the changes, let alone implementing them. Plus, the risk of errors increases with every new employee and every new country you expand into. As an advisor, your focus should be on your clients and growing your business, not getting bogged down in payroll intricacies.

That’s where Papaya Global steps in. It’s not just a tool; it’s peace of mind. We love the way it automates the entire payroll process, from onboarding to payments, ensuring compliance in over 160 countries. So, you can rest easy knowing that your international team is taken care of, and you can get back to what you do best—advising your clients.

Papaya Global G2 ScoreADP Capterra Score
Pros Cons
Quick and efficient payroll processingInvoices can cause confusion
User-friendly platformMass updates of employee data can be cumbersome
Robust compliance with local regulationsSome platform functionality issues
Integration with HCM and ERP tools

Leave the numbers to someone else!

We understand that managing payroll for a global team can be a minefield for startups and their founders. Between staying compliant with local laws and navigating tax intricacies, the risks are high, and legal issues are the last thing a budding company needs.

The smart move?

Thoroughly research which payroll provider aligns best with your requirements.

Consider the size of your team, both now and in the future, and what you can realistically afford.

Assess your comfort level with payroll complexities and the degree of support you’ll require.

Also, think about your preferred communication style.

Opting for the right payroll partner can alleviate stress and ensure your focus remains on growing your business.


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