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Jami Leclerc

How Quickly Hire transformed Jami Leclerc's website and E-commerce development projects with expert talent matchmaking.
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With their impressive attention to service, Quickly Hire found us the right candidates and consistently followed up, ensuring our projects ran smoothly and efficiently.

Jami Leclerc
Jami Leclerc Web Design

Meet Jami

Jami Leclerc is a Canadian designer and business owner at the forefront of creating beautiful websites and user-friendly online stores for sustainable and ethical businesses. A testament to innovative and conscientious web development, Jami has navigated the complexities of the digital space to create impactful online presences for his unique clients.

“Our mission has been made so much easier now that Quickly Hire’s effective freelancers have come on board.”

Why Quickly Hire?

Jami initiated contact with Quickly Hire with specific objectives in mind. Not wanting to shell out thousands and thousands of dollars on an agency, he made the correct call to build a remote team of freelancers with specialized skills. 

Staff augmentation for niche tasks

Jami needed skilled professionals for various projects, including copywriting, web designing, and WordPress development. Trying to select all of these individually would have taken forever and likely resulted in losing valuable time and money. Quickly Hire has global talent that matches all his requirements, making his talent acquisition journey much more straightforward.

Efficient and cost-effective hiring

Quickly Hire’s competitive pricing and the positive referrals he gathered from other happy customers were vital factors in his decision. Offering budget-friendly yet high-quality solutions, we were able to tick these boxes.

Alignment of values

Jami’s dedication to ethical and sustainable business practices is concrete. He ensures that every company he works with aligns with his mission and values. Many of Quickly Hire’s past and existing customers work for or in non-profits, making his decision much easier.

“Quickly Hire’s pricing fitted my budget, and their values aligned with my own, making them the ideal hiring solution.”

Jami’s struggle


With many e-commerce projects in the pipeline, Jami needed a web development specialist to help him but didn’t have the time to spare finding suitable candidates.

The whole story:

Managing a growing workload and ensuring high-quality deliverables, Jami sought a solution to augment his staff with skilled freelancers who could complete work at a high standard within fixed deadlines. 

The challenge was finding the perfect match that understood his mission, could pick up tasks at varying stages of completeness, integrate creativity into their projects and uphold the company’s standards and values.

“We needed to augment our staff with skilled professionals, not newbies. Quickly Hire has proven to be the best fit for my needs.”

Quickly Hire’s solution


The Quickly Hire team recognised that they didn’t just need to find a freelancer who understood Jami’s struggles. They needed a team who could work in unison. A content marketer, designer, and software developer were carefully selected from our pool of global talent professionals, significantly easing Jami’s project management load.

The whole story:

Quickly Hire’s intervention marked a turning point for Jami. 

With a content marketer, a web designer, and a WordPress developer now working alongside him, Jami’s workflow has improved, and he spends less time on small tasks that once held him back.

This strategic move allows him to focus more on business growth and less on operational intricacies, ensuring every project is thriving, within budget and on time.

“Quickly Hire’s support has been fundamental in helping us scale our projects while maintaining quality and adhering to our ethical standards.”


Jami Leclerc’s collaboration with Quickly Hire showcases the positive impact of expert staff augmentation in web and e-commerce development. 

By alleviating the burden of project management and providing access to specialized skills, Quickly Hire has enabled Jami Leclerc to focus on growth and continue their mission of supporting sustainable and ethical businesses.

“The partnership with Quickly Hire has been invaluable in enhancing our project management and overall service delivery.”

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