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Four Paths Digital

How Quickly Hire helped Four Paths Digital's founder reduce her 11-hour days and fix her work-life balance.
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Discover how Lucy achieved better work-life balance and improved her business by hiring a Quickly Hire Pro for strategic growth.

“I was super busy working in the business and realized I needed to spend more time working on the business.

Lucy Murphy
Four Paths Digital

Meet Lucy

Lucy Murphy, the founder of Four Paths Digital, has made significant strides in the digital marketing sector, mainly serving startups and non-profits. Her agency offers comprehensive services, including social media management, content creation, website development, email marketing, and customer management systems.

Faced with the intense demands of her expanding business, Lucy experienced a pivotal shift in her workload management.

“The support from Quickly Hire, especially with Allison on board, made it possible for us to dive straight into work without extensive onboarding.”

Why Quickly Hire?

For Lucy, the decision to outsource some of her day-to-day tasks was driven by a need to manage her expanding workload more effectively. 

Lucy stumbled upon Quickly Hire through Pathfinder SEO at just the right time. She wanted to expand her services but didn’t want to deal with the hassles of hiring full-time employees, such as vetting and onboarding. Instead, she found hiring a skilled freelancer from Quickly Hire was a wiser choice. This approach freed up her time to concentrate on growing her business and reduced the burden of minor operational challenges.

Quickly Hire bridges specialized skill gaps

Managing an expanding range of services, Lucy needed Quickly Hire to perfectly match her with a content marketer who could handle some digital marketing assignments too. With Allison, this is exactly what she got – enabling Lucy to maintain her high standards without additional full-time team members.

Business growth is front and center

By relying on Allison for daily tasks, Lucy has more time to scale her business, improve system development, and add new services. Instead of eating up time with smaller tasks, she can now direct her attention to the overall vision and mission of Four Paths Digital.

A streamlined hiring and onboarding process

The typical challenges associated with vetting, hiring, and managing new team members can be costly for solopreneurs and startups. For businesses like Lucy’s, talent acquisition is fast, accurate, and compliant. This recipe saves owners significant time and money.

“The biggest thing for me has been the time I get back. This gives me the light bulb moment that other Quickly Hire Pros could be a huge advantage as I grow my business.”

Lucy’s Struggle


Lucy’s dedication to excellence has kept her long-time clients by her side, but it has also prevented her from fully capitalizing on her growth or taking a real break.

The whole story:

Before engaging with Quickly Hire, Lucy was tethered to her work, carrying her laptop everywhere. Family gatherings and even holidays weren’t spared from work interruptions, as she often needed to address urgent needs for her non-profit and startup digital marketing clients.

As her workload grew and the demands of her long-standing clients increased, Lucy realized a change was essential. Known for her meticulous attention to detail and high standards, she understood that maintaining the quality of her services would require external support. This realization led her to search for a talent acquisition partner that could help balance her lifestyle better.

“I realized I needed to optimize how I spent my time, but I couldn’t find the space to do that without support to help me with the day-to-day stuff.”

Quickly Hire’s Solution


Four Paths Digital founder Lucy Murphy engaged a Quickly Hire content marketer to manage niggly tasks, resulting in enhanced productivity and client satisfaction.

The whole story:

Confronted with an increasing workload, Lucy sought the assistance of a Quickly Hire content marketer who could also help with social media and digital marketing tasks. Taking this step was crucial to managing her expanding client portfolio. Allison has filled this role perfectly, taking on all-important daily tasks such as updating website content, posting on social media, and client outreach.

Thanks to Quickly Hire’s streamlined talent-matching process, Lucy has added a crucial team member who complements her skill set, allowing her to manage various aspects of her business efficiently. This new addition has empowered Lucy to uphold her commitment to delivering top-notch services while remaining devoted to her valued clients.

“I recommend any Quickly Hire Pro who can serve digital marketing teams or non-profits – there are just endless opportunities to get support for your business.”


Lucy Murphy has successfully built her digital marketing agency, Four Paths Digital, from scratch, focusing on startups and non-profits. With her client list expanding rapidly, so did the challenge of managing an ever-increasing workload.

With the seamless vetting, matching, and onboarding of a Quickly Hire Pro, Lucy found the perfect fit. This synergy has resulted in superior output for her clients and afforded Lucy a more balanced approach to managing her time.

“Without Quickly Hire’s support, finding the space to focus on business development amidst daily tasks would have been challenging. I am happy to have their assistance, which has fostered my company’s growth.”

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