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Captain Coder

How Quickly Hire helped Captain Coder overcome a negative hiring experience with skilled talent.
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With the help of a dynamic Quickly Hire developer, Captain Coder is firing on all cylinders, growing their client list and allowing their CEO to relieve herself of frustrating tasks that used to weigh her down.

If you’re busy, struggling, or putting off hiring because you just don’t think you have the time, that’s where Quickly Hire comes in.

Marisa VanSkiver
CEO – Captain Coder

Meet Marisa

Marisa, the driving force behind Captain Coder, started her journey in the digital world at 13! Starting with coding and development, she has an impressive skill set, including web development, blogging, and social media management.

As a service provider herself, she possesses a unique insight into the needs and challenges faced by her clients who are trying to carve out their own niche in the online world.

“I was spending at least 50% of my time coding and worrying about projects. Quickly Hire has changed that.”

Why Quickly Hire?

Marisa’s decision to partner with Quickly Hire was driven by the need to spend more time on business development, marketing and outreach. 

Recognizing the challenges of her expanding venture, she sought a solution to streamline the hiring process and find someone she could rely on to perform development tasks that met her high standards.

Quickly Hire prevents arduous application vetting

Sifting through numerous applications and the frustration of hires not working out had taken a toll on Marisa. Quickly Hire’s service offered a stark contrast—presenting a more streamlined and reliable approach to finding the right talent.

Quickly Hire freelancers require minimal onboarding

Week-one jitters don’t really exist for Quickly Hire Pros. Adept with all types of project management tools and different management styles, business owners like Marisa often marvel at the speed at which they complete assigned tasks, even in the early stages of the relationship.

Reclaim your time and focus on what matters

With a desire to shift her focus from day-to-day tasks such as coding to growing the business, Marisa found Quickly Hire to be the ideal partner. Now, she spends significantly less time editing and revising and more time networking.

“Quickly Hire found me a good pro, and we just started assigning tasks. It was so nice to know that I didn’t have to do any hiring at all.”

Marisa’s struggle


Faced the dual challenge of being mired in coding and client work while struggling with an ineffective hiring process, something needed to change—and fast.

The whole story:

Marisa’s daily routine was heavily focused on coding, consuming over half her working hours and leaving little time for business development. The stress of ensuring her client’s needs were met and the responsibility of reviewing every task personally was becoming overwhelming.

Unfortunately, recent hiring attempts had been unsuccessful and taxing, with one supposed professional ghosting her after just a week on the job. Not one to give up, Marisa looked for an alternative to take Captain Coder to the next level. 

Things were getting stuck in review, and by stuck in review, I mean I was reviewing them. We needed an easier solution.

Quickly Hire’s Solution


Quickly Hire found Captain Coder the ideal developer that could take tasks from day one and perform them at the highest level. No hiring drama. More time for Marisa to shine.

The whole story:

Obviously, this case wasn’t just about filling a position. It was about finding the right talent to immediately gel with the existing processes and take over significant responsibilities. 

Quickly Hire superstar developer Kim adapted to Captain Coder’s SOPs and took on tasks efficiently, independently and effectively. Subsequently, Marisa has shifted her focus from the minutiae of development work to more strategic business growth activities. 

Her goal of taking her coding time all the way down to zero is now realistic—illuminating the long-term vision for the company.

“With Quickly Hire’s help, I’ve been able to focus more as a business owner, growing the business and increasing our revenue.”


Marisa’s experience with Quickly Hire brought a welcome change to Captain Coder. Perfectly matched with a developer who ticks all the right boxes on the development side, this shift has given her the space to focus on her business’s bigger picture. 

The added bonus? A straightforward and hassle-free hiring process.

“I just had to raise my hand and say, ‘I need help!’ And Quickly Hire was able to take care of that, which is pretty amazing.”

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