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Bruce and Eddy

How Bruce & Eddy uses Quickly Hire WordPress Developers to scale growth without needing full-time hires.
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With the help of Quickly Hire, Bruce and Eddy digital marketing agency is able to scale growth and take on new projects with confidence without the time and administrative hassle of hiring full-time team members.

Quickly Hire has allowed us to achieve our business goals faster. Their communication is exceptional, and we feel a sense of camaraderie with the developers we have on our team.

Butch Ewing
Bruce and Eddy

Meet Butch

Butch Ewing is one half of the founding dynamic duo known to their loyal customers as Bruce & Eddy. He is the brains behind the custom web development and internet marketing company providing services for growing businesses and nonprofits. 

At it since the early 2000s, the company has since expanded rapidly into SEO, copywriting, and other specializations.

Before reaching out to us, Bruce and Eddy were doing most of the work themselves. After starting with one Quickly Hire developer, the guys have since added a second as the workload increased.

“Before Quickly Hire, I felt I would have to duplicate myself to handle my existing clients better and gain new ones. That is no longer a problem now!”

Why Quickly Hire?

Bruce & Eddy didn’t initially have a freelance agency in mind. However, it didn’t take the company long to settle on Quickly Hire. A quick Google search led the founders to the site, and with the promise of fully vetted developers and a hassle-free onboarding process, they were ready to get to work.

Quickly Hire means no need for full-time hires

One of Bruce & Eddy’s core strengths is operating as a lean company that allows agility and flexibility. The headaches associated with hiring full-time team members were a genuine concern and didn’t appeal very much. The guys were delighted with how fast both Quickly Hire developers slotted into the team and got to work.

Quickly Hire matches talent with task

Bruce & Eddy’s previous experience with other freelance companies hasn’t been ideal. The selected developer rarely had skills for the type of work needed. We knew analyzing the types of jobs Bruce & Eddy had before choosing the appropriate developers was essential.

More time to focus on growth

Bruce and Eddy often spent far too long on smaller jobs that, when added together, became very time-consuming. Now, one Quickly Hire developer takes care of the day-to-day jobs, and the other works on one of the company’s more prominent clients.

“With Quickly Hire, you get a developer aligned with your methods from the get-go, so you don’t waste time onboarding or training anyone. They jump in like they’ve been on the team from day one.”

Butch’s Struggle


A shift in goals found Bruce & Eddy needing to direct their focus almost exclusively on one client. Not wanting their other clients to suffer, they needed to find a solution fast.

The whole story:

The founders knew their business had reached a tipping point. While growth is a good thing, Bruce and Eddy realized that to give new clients the same care and attention that their existing clients experience, they would need a helping hand.

After exploring the possibility of hiring full-time workers or interns, they realized these avenues would be time-consuming and potentially costly if they didn’t have the correct skill set. Not wanting to waste time, money, and energy, Bruce and Eddy called Quickly Hire to see if they had developers capable of taking on the work.

“Improving customer service and scaling simultaneously is a fine balance. Adding two Quickly Hire developers to our team has allowed us to focus on these goals and other aspects of my business.”

Quickly Hire’s Solution


We took time to understand Bruce and Eddy’s business and their end clients inside out. Armed with this information, we selected one, and then later, a second developer to keep their momentum going.

The whole story:

Once Bruce & Eddy’s Quickly Hire-assigned account manager understood the ins and outs of the business—from project types to the kinds of technologies they used, we could match them with the ideal developer. Unlike other companies who may try to shoehorn in a developer unfamiliar with the client’s tools, we do the exact opposite to ensure a good fit for both parties.

Bruce, in particular, needed a developer that could get up to speed rapidly, required minimal onboarding, and even less monitoring. Flexibility was also essential as there was a myriad of different tasks being hurled at them every day. As we have access to some of the best developers worldwide, we knew just the duo for the job.

Both developers have since worked on dozens of projects at Bruce & Eddy. Examples include website updates, improvements, reducing load times, evaluating themes and plugins, converting sites from other CMSs to WordPress and Elementor, and writing custom code.

“We totally recommend Quickly Hire to anyone who’s looking to expand or take on side-projects but doesn’t want their existing clients to notice a drop in their service.”


Before Quickly Hire developers came on board, Bruce & Eddy was a custom web development and internet marketing company ready to scale. With one big client who required a lot of attention but many other clients knocking down their door, the pair needed an extra couple of bodies.

Drawn in by the promise of a hassle-free vetting and placement process, the pair now have two Quickly Hire developers to help meet their needs. Both Bruce and Eddy can breathe easy and focus on growing their business without burning the midnight oil to keep up!

“Put simply, Quickly Hire has allowed us to achieve our business goals at a rate that didn’t seem possible when it was just us.”

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