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How Quickly Hire helped double Aiminity’s revenue by scaling their team with Quickly Hire Pros.
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With the help of a Quickly Hire Pro Developer, Meg Appleby has been able to shift her focus to marketing and growth — not low-value development tasks.

Bringing in a Quickly Hire designer, developer, and copywriter has allowed us to go back to refining our processes and focus on expansion.

Michael Myers

Meet Michael

At just 21, Michael rapidly gained a name for himself and his website design and digital marketing company, Aiminity. With a focus on small-to-medium service-based businesses, the team eschews the cookie-cutter branding and growth marketing style for a bespoke model perfectly suited to each client.

Starting as a website design freelancer in 2018, Michael started with just a few projects a month, but as word got around, things began to snowball, and the workload became too much to handle. Knowing that he wanted to grow but needing to figure out the exact steps to take, Michael faced a typical problem many agency owners face.

“When I started, I was bouncing around, getting referrals, here and there. Over time, my client list grew, and I faced the need to expand or cut back.

I didn’t want to cut back. I wanted to grow. Quickly Hire helped me do that.”

Why Quickly Hire?

After some head-scratching, Michael began searching for a freelance marketplace instead of hiring full-time employees. The idea of vetting candidates, assessing their skill level, and possibly making costly mistakes didn’t appeal. Feeling that he would get more out of freelancers who could be relied on to complete a range of tasks, Michael happened upon Quickly Hire through email and immediately liked what he saw.

Quickly Hire fills in any skill gap

Whether you are a solopreneur, a small business owner, or an agency, solving every client problem can be difficult. Clients could easily look elsewhere if the required skill set is absent. Aiminity wants to be an all-purpose marketing agency for its clients, so to do that, Michael needed to fill the skill gaps he had as a business owner. With a Quickly Hire designer, developer, and copywriter on his books, Aiminity stands ready to assist prospective clients with any demand.

Quickly Hire lets you focus on the business side

Cognizant of the fact he was spending too much time in the business, and not enough time on the company, Michael needed to pass off some of the workload. By hiring his Quickly Hire team, he has now freed up his calendar to focus on his overall vision for Aiminity. This includes more social media marketing and getting involved in more client-facing tasks.

No more arduous vetting process with Quickly Hire

Hiring a Quickly Hire pro is easy. His freelancers started immediately, required little onboarding, and communicated more effectively than any full-time hire he had been associated with in the industry. He doesn’t have to worry about payments or international transfers. Quickly Hire takes care of that.

“After looking at the services available, I realized what Quickly Hire offered was exactly what I needed. I started with a developer, which halved my workload, and as Aiminity has grown, we added a designer and a copywriter. It’s going well!”

Michael’s Struggle


Starting as a freelancer, clients were impressed with Michael’s skills, and his client list built up faster than he could manage. Needing to spend some time understanding the business better but not wanting to sacrifice his progress, Michael turned to Quickly Hire.

The whole story:

Aiminity’s founder Michael had a steep learning curve to climb. At just 21, he had already helped dozens of small businesses with digital marketing aspirations. Realizing he needed to learn how to own and run his own business.

After stagnating for a while, Michael began researching possible solutions to his problem. He knew the time pressure of learning to be a CEO and maintaining a solid client base was likely insurmountable. That was until he found the team at Quickly Hire.

“Being able to take that step back from the client work, focus on the company, and soak up as much information as possible was high on my priority list. My Quickly Hire team has given me that freedom.”

Quickly Hire’s Solution


After discussing his challenges with a Quickly Hire account manager, Aiminity started with a developer, so he could clear his most pressing tasks. During this time, Michael was able to refine his processes and create a database that gave him a more precise direction for the business. Now he has taken on a designer and a copywriter to complete his team.

The whole story:

Despite formulating and executing fabulous work for their clients, Aiminity’s processes for completing jobs were a little disjointed. Realizing that he wanted Aiminity to personify professionalism, Mucheal realized he would need help to get things in order again. With a Quickly Hire triple-threat copywriter, designer, and developer team taking care of his valued customers, Michael has been able to focus on growing his business and growing his client list.

Now, Michael spends his time doing outbound email campaigns, creating social media buzz, and learning the business of running an agency. Since his bringing on his team, he has doubled his revenue, and this upward trend continues as his outreach efforts have started to bear fruit.
The team at Quickly Hire is also delighted Michael has been able to gain some of his life back and spend time with family and friends.

“Before my Quickly Hire freelancers came on board, I was doing all my processes from memory. Occasionally, I’d forget things and have to scramble to fix them. I no longer have these issues.”


As the founder of fledgling web and digital marketing agency, Aiminity, Michael Myers had done well to create an agency from the ground up. Servicing small-to-medium service-based businesses, Michael saw his client list grow exponentially. However, with growth came the inevitable problem of mountains of work and not enough time to do it.

After getting in touch with Quickly Hire, Michael now has three team members that cover every aspect of his business he can rely upon. Aiminity is now churning out exemplary work, and Michael is focusing on growing his business and learning more about what it takes to be a successful agency owner.

“My freelancer team has allowed me the time to step back, look, and see how efficient I was. I have been able to fix the areas where I was lacking without sacrificing current or potential business. So, in this way, Quickly Hire has been immensely valuable to me.”

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