As a freelance graphic designer, I often struggled to land bigger projects and long-term clients. Small, brief projects were often less motivating and less well compensated, and I didn’t get to show what I could actually do.  Since I started working with Quickly Hire, I have grown professionally, the work is continuous, the payment is … Read more


I’ve always loved my work and the flexibility of freelancing, but I grew tired of the headaches and frustration of chasing unpaid invoices and client feedback to avoid delaying projects. I’m so glad that I took the leap of faith to join Quickly Hire. Everything works like clock work. I just need to show up … Read more


Other freelance marketplaces left me overwhelmed at the flood of job listings and there were a lot of unverified clients or job opportunities that turned out to be scams. I wasted so much time and energy on pitches and proposals that led nowhere.  Quickly Hire vets the companies for me, so I know if they’re … Read more


As a freelancer, you can become very isolated at times. Freelance loneliness is a real challenge with profound health consequences. I really enjoy being part of the Quickly Hire community for the active online platform and being able to connect with other freelancers when I’d like some advice and support, or simply to lend an … Read more